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Prospective clients receive a thorough medical assessment to determine the most appropriate placement. Eagleville prioritizes the admission of pregnant women using drugs intravenously, pregnant women not using intravenously and all other intravenous drug users. Admission is subject to insurance verification and aftercare considerations. Eagleville accepts reimbursement from private insurers, a variety of managed care organizations, Blue Cross, Medicare and Medicaid. Clients are admitted to the hospital without regard to race, color, origin, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation or ability to pay.

What is the average length of stay?

Each individual's length of stay in treatment is determined by medical necessity. Medical necessity is defined by our doctors and psychiatrist as services or items reasonable and necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of illness. Each length of stay is dependent upon a review of each case.

What should I expect if I am admitted to Eagleville Hospital?

After a thorough assessment of your past and present biological, psychological, social and addiction background, an individualized treatment plan will be created to address needs that may interfere with your ability to maintain sobriety. The main modality of treatment is group therapy, although individual sessions occur once per week. We will work with your available and potential resources to assure that you have the best aftercare plan available to continue achieving your goals and plans in recovery.

What should I bring with me for my treatment at Eagleville Hospital?

Please bring a photo ID and insurance cards if you have them; any and all prescription medications you are currently taking; one small suitcase with clothing for about five days (laundry facilities are available); personal hygiene items that do not contain alcohol (all liquids such as shampoo should be in clear bottles); change or a calling card for the pay phones and change for the vending machines.

Is there anything I should not bring with me?

Do not bring a cell phone; any electronics including cameras, walkmans, ipods, laptops, dvd players, food or drink including candy; bedding, blankets, pillows or towels. Also do not bring any substance of abuse or weapons as they will be confiscated and not returned upon discharge.

Do you take health insurance?

Eagleville accepts reimbursement from private insurers, a variety of managed care organizations, Blue Cross, Medicare and Medicaid.

What if I don't have health insurance

There are ways to get coverage for drug and alcohol treatment even if you don't have insurance coverage. We suggest that you check the Blue Pages of your telephone book or call your county to inquire about funding for drug and alcohol treatment.

What is the visiting policy?  Hospital Eagleville Politica de Visitacion Modificada

Inpatient Visiting Hours

Patients in all programs must be at Eagleville Hospital at least seven days before they can have visitors. Visitation hours are 1 - 3:30 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays only, by program.


Saturday visits are available for patients in the Louchheim building, second and third floors; Hospital Recovery Program (D'Arclay Building, Second Floor, East Wing). All Saturday visitors who are scheduled to attend the Family Seminar will attend one seminar in the Commons Room at 2pm facilitated by one of the Clinical Services Department Staff.


Sunday visits are available for patients in the Recovery Program (Gerstley Building) and the Non-Hospital Co-Occurring Units (D'Arclay Building, First Floor, East Wing, Levy 1 and Levy 2). Each program will do their own Family Seminar at 2pm.


Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 7:30am - 7:30pm - Packages can be dropped off by loved ones to the switchboard at the Louchheim main entrance

Saturdays, Sundays: Visiting Hours - Packages can be dropped off by approved visitors only to the Visitors Desk

Geriatric Psychiatric Program

The Geriatric Psychiatric Program's visiting hours are as follows:
Monday - Friday 1:30pm - 2:30pm and 5:30pm-7:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Please Note

To guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of our patients, cameras, camera phones, tape recorders, and any kind of video equipment are not permitted on grounds. Also any kind of food, beverage, and medication are NOT allowed.

Closed-circuit security cameras are in use on Eagleville Hospital's campus.

What can I do as a family member or loved one of a person with a co-occurring or substance use disorder?

While you can support your loved one while they are in treatment and throughout their recovery process, it is often the best approach for you to learn to also take care of yourself as substance use disorders not only affect the person using but also their family and loved ones as well.
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